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Dec 2021 Webinar: "Making Large Classes Feel Small Again: Faculty Driven Learning Analytics" 

12-07-2021 10:19:55 PM

December Webinar:  Making Large Classes Feel Small Again:  Faculty Driven Learning Analytics
Hosted By:  Student Success Analytics - Community Group
Time/Date:  Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 @ 3:00 pm Central TZ

  Instructors care about their students and their learning but struggle with burgeoning workloads. A freely-available learning analytics platform developed at the University of Sydney helps faculty provide tailored care, support, and learning for all students at scale, fostering positive teacher-student relationships and active engagement-now more important than ever. Even though the platform takes a slightly different approach to learning analytics, instructors feel that “the problem it sets out to solve is foundational” and that “it’s the first time that…a university [system] aligns so exactly with what I was looking for.” This session will look at how the platform, which is equal parts spreadsheet, Qualtrics, dashboards, CRM, LTI, mail merge, and WordPress, has been used by faculty to help their students feel more connected while saving time and helping them to care at scale.

We’ll Focus on Topics Such As:

• What do instructors look for in learning analytics?
• Can learning analytics help faculty to care for students?
• How can we move beyond dashboards and mail merges?
• What happens when instructors drive learning analytics?
• What problems are learning analytics trying to solve?

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