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  • I highly recommend taking a look at Horizon3 AI. Automated, autonomous pen-testing (as many pen-tests as you can fit into the contract term) with a highly skilled team reviewing each test and available ...

  • Hi Stephen, I would suggest finding a way to relate your KPIs into defense implementations. Example: Alert: SIEM alerts on non-patched Windows 10 machine that has been exploited. ...

  • Ben, Little late getting a reply in: Q: Who has deployed a SIEM? A: Kennesaw State Deployed splunk Enterprise over 10 years ago, having failed a 2-year AlienVault SIEM deployment. ...

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    RE: Fizz Social App

    The Applied Cybersecurity ( ) student group at Stanford (for which I am honored to be the advisor) also had concerns which they put into action by evaluating the lofty ...

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    Fizz Social App

    Good evening, colleagues. There seems to be a sudden concern here around an app called Fizz Social App. I think those concerned think it might turn into another Yik Yak. Has anyone had this come ...

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