EDUCAUSE Working Groups

Develop Tools and Resources with Your Peers

EDUCAUSE Working Groups are a great way to work closely with peers from a variety of institutions to address challenges and help the higher education community prepare for the future. 

As a group, you can define solutions and create useful resources that address leading technology topics such as cybersecurity, privacy, cyberinfrastructure, data and analytics, IT services and management, student success, and workforce. EDUCAUSE Working Groups generate various products including toolkits, articles, and frameworks. View examples of published products.

How Does It Work? 

Anyone in the EDUCAUSE community (members and nonmembers) can join a Working Group that’s currently in progress or form a team of volunteers to start a new Working Group.

If you have an idea that you think would benefit from focused attention or a specific problem that you would like to see addressed, please submit a request to form and lead a new Working Group.

Once approved:

  • The project will begin with volunteers collaboratively adopting a project charter at the outset. The charter defines the project’s objectives, scope, and anticipated timeline.
  • The project may take up to six months to complete with volunteers meeting virtually 1–2 times per month and working asynchronously as needed. Timelines may be adjusted depending on the project scope and capacity of group members.

EDUCAUSE staff can provide project management and publication support, as needed, to assist group members in achieving project goals and sharing your new resource with others.

How Can I Join a Group?

Participation is open to everyone in the EDUCAUSE community (members and nonmembers), though space may be limited. Rosters are set at the beginning of each project and calls for participation are announced via channels relevant to the project, such as EDUCAUSE Community Groups. Groups seeking volunteers will also be posted to this page. Review current Working Groups and those seeking volunteers.

If you have any questions about EDUCAUSE Working Groups or other volunteering opportunities with EDUCAUSE, please contact us at

Working Groups in Progress

The following groups are currently meeting and working toward a project goal.

  • Third Party Integration Governance
  • Student Success Analytics Framework Rubric
  • IT Flexibility
  • Gender Data & Demographics Toolkit

Working Groups Seeking Volunteers

There are no Working Groups seeking volunteers at this time. Please check back periodically for updates.