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Latest Discussions

  • Hey everyone, I appreciate all your insightful responses. Currently, we're utilizing our Azure Object ID with third-party vendors outside the educational realm. Our federated services (educational) do not use the Azure Object ID, and I'll continue ...

  • 🤖 Topic: AI Policy Development at the Institutional Level 🗓️ Date: Friday, December 8 ⏰ Time: 12-1 pm ET 🔊 Join us for an insightful discussion on the evolution and development of AI policies within institutions. Our esteemed panelists, ...

  • Posted in: AI

    :) From my understanding, there's a difference between Gemini (which is a single multimodal model) vs GPT-4 + GPT-4V which appears to possibly be two models, but I may be mistaken. I wonder if a 'truly multimodal' model which may have a different (more ...

  • Hi, It could be helpful to check the document published by FIM4L.org about exchanging SAML attributes while preserving privacy. You can find this here: https://zenodo.org/records/7313371 This working group from the library space ...

  • Posted in: AI

    HI Danny, I have the ChatGPT 4 paid subscription, and it's multimodal. I can upload images and ask for explanations, descriptions, how to 'fix' it, etc. I can use voice instead of text to ask my prompts and receive voice output (app), I can ...

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