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Latest Discussions

  • Having, a long time ago, spent time in the General Counsel's office on my campus, I have the same feeling that Tom does. By the way, a "2x a year report on status" seems to me to be a very slow approach to compliance. --henry

  • If the app has accessibility issues don't buy it . If the vendor was really committed to accessibility they would have fixed the problems already. If they say they are committed, but have not, then they are lying . If you recommend their product ...

  • Posted in: Cybersecurity

    University owned devices used by faculty

  • Posted in: Project Management

    Apologies on the late response to this post. Collected some notes on the Jira server to cloud migration our department did in 2018. Will share highlights here, and happy to talk offline if you'd like more information! After some initial evaluation ...

  • Posted in: CIO

    Chris, I've implemented this at a number of schools. It is always a bit of a struggle, but seemed to go pretty smoothly where I am now, largely because it is a 2-year college and does not have the amount of research related software as I would run into ...

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