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Latest Discussions

  • Posted in: AI

    Chris Heard , Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at Seaver College at Pepperdine University, created a great tool that helps users to construct a statement about the use of generative AI for their syllabus: https://courses.pepperdine.edu/access/content/user/cheard/Twine/Generative_AI_Syllabus_Statement.html ...

  • We developed a toolset using Universal PowerShell where there is a "Dashboard" authorized support users can use to perform actions such as modify, add, or remove MFA methods. Also for password resets, temporary password creation, MFA bypass. This will ...

  • Posted in: CIO

    I searched for this topic and saw some posts a year ago when this was announced but just a reminder that Microsoft plans to retire A1 Plus for Faculty and Students on August 1st of this year. Good write-up here from Microsoft on how to see if you're ...

  • Greetings friends, Our typical approach is to do a round of introductions where we give people an opportunity to share what's on their mind. Recent conversations have centered around: ITSM Tool deployments / switches Asset Management Service ...

  • Posted in: Cybersecurity

    Thanks Rhonda, and I absolutely agree we should have sympathy for those forced to participate in these crimes either out of need (as in many of the Indian scam call centers) or threats of violence (as in many of pig butchering groups, although I hate ...

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