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Breakthroughs in the field of generative AI have caused unprecedented disruption to higher education and beyond. This community group discusses the issues and opportunities related to pedagogical, ethical, privacy, and other aspects of generative AI impacting students, staff, and faculty across higher education.

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    Join ALCHEMY on  Wednesday, April 10 @ 12p ET for "Embracing the AI Mindset: Transformative Strategies for Course Design" where we'll explore innovative strategies for redesigning coursework, harnessing AI to create dynamic multimodal learning experiences and revitalizing assessment methods. This isn't just about using a tool – it's about embracing a transformative mindset that empowers educators and students alike to learn and create with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. We'll share valuable lessons learned from this transformative process, including key takeaways from students who have experienced this innovative approach. We will also discuss strategies for educational leaders to support and empower faculty members in embracing this technological shift.

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