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  • CRM Monthly calls

    Hi Enterprise CRM Community Group! We are scheduling monthly calls on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 4-5 PM Eastern Time. The first few have been added as events in the Community Group, so look for them under "Upcoming Events" and plan to join! These will be participative, so come ready to discuss and bring your questions and thoughts!

    Schedule is below: 

    Date Topic
    March 15 Let's talk about the Job Titles and Roles in our CRM organizations. Bring your questions, comments, and job descriptions. We will create an archive of job descriptions!
    April 19 Join Horizontal consulting for a discussion about preference centers and how to develop a strategy for personalization, including the concept of "composable architecture" to bring together the best technologies for whatever digital experience you are trying to achieve
    May 17 Ball State University's Digital Core trains and conducts UX design. They will talk about their Digital Core group and how it functions
    June 21 Change Management approaches - using volunteers from the group as well as an invited expert
    July 19 Discourse Analytics will talk about their product that ingests LMS data to develop an archetype
    August 16 VACATION
    September 20 School Profile - one institution's journey with Salesforce
    October 18 EDUCAUSE MEET-UP
    November 15 School Profile - one institution's journey with Salesforce
    December 20 HOLIDAY BREAK