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Recent advancements in hardware and software tools, such as new consumer-grade virtual reality headsets and augmented reality toolkits, have led to a resurgence of interest around eXtended Reality ("XR"). Encompassing virtual, augmented and mixed reality, XR captures both the continuum between and the growing convergence of the physical and virtual worlds we inhabit.

Through meetings at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, electronic discussions, periodic group calls and/or webinars, and opportunities for group presentations, this group will provide members with forum for broad discussion around XR and the impact of these technologies on higher education. Our particular areas of focus will be (1) the rapidly changing landscape of XR technologies and content; (2) support models, applications and best practices for XR in teaching, learning and research; and (3) opportunities for shared community development of XR tools and content.

Related areas of discussion may include:

  • Designing campus spaces to support XR
  • The physicalization of the digital world (e.g. 3D printing)
  • The digitization of the physical world (e.g. photogrammetry and 3D scanning)
  • Immersive computing
  • Data visualization
  • Gamification
  • Machine learning/A.I.
  • Internet of Things

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    Hello XR Community Members.  We are excited to see you October 27th @ 1:00pm at the EDUCAUSE conference in Denver. Please sign up to share your favorite XR app/game/platform with others.  It can be something you made, borrowed or bought. Bring your friends so they can see what the excitement is all about. Google Doc Sign Up sheet provided. We look forward to meeting you IRL -  Colleen & Randy. 
  • See you at the Educause Annual Conference?

    Our community group has an in-person meet-up planned during the Educause Annual conference in Denver.  Thursday, October 27,  1:00PM–1:45PM MT.  Colleen and I hope to see many of your there.  Even if you can't make it to Denver please encourage others from your organization to stop by.  

    We will have a fairly informal format.  Certainly feel free to bring anything you'd like to share.  In advance if you have suggestions let us know.  

    There will not be a remote participation option.  But if there is broad interest we'd be happy to host a virtual get together after the conference.  Please just post your thoughts on format (i.e. Altspace or Virbella) and timing.