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Welcome to the HEISC Awareness and Education Community Group! We welcome you to join our monthly calls, discussion list, and Slack group.

Monthly calls: First Wednesday of every month at 2pm Eastern. Zoom link & agendas in the meeting notes below.

Running meeting notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bor_dE_DtN9rX_YDuEB6SkNdejmvV2ByDHkBZtUvXvc/

Slack group: https://heisc-awareness.slack.com 
Need an invite to the Slack group?  Link expires 5/24/22: https://join.slack.com/t/heisc-awareness/shared_invite/zt-17rwigrh2-GmYpMtrJrulJIJS76P3Zqw

Latest Discussions

  • Hello everyone, Just a reminder that our monthly HEISC Awareness and Education CG meeting scheduled for today is cancelled due to the overlapping Security & Privacy Professionals Conference. Our next ...

  • Hello everyone, Due to the overlapping EDUCAUSE Security and Privacy Professionals conference, our monthly HEISC Awareness and Education CG meeting scheduled for May 4th is cancelled. Our next CG meeting ...

  • We need your help to improve EDUCAUSE's Cybersecurity and Privacy resources, including the EDUCAUSE Information Security Guide. Please take a few minutes to fill out this brief survey to help us learn ...

  • Hi everyone and it was great to meet some of you at last week's awareness and education meeting. There were a few comments made that resonated with what I've heard over the years about security awareness ...

  • Good morning my fellow Security Awareness friends, I've decided to take a roll outside of the Ohio State with my last day in the office being today, 3/24/22. I'd like to transfer Ohio State ...

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