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  • Survey on Billing for IT Services May 2nd through May 15th

    Good afternoon all,

     We want to bring the following survey to your collective attention. The Communications Infrastructure and Applications (CIA) CG is sponsoring this survey to gather institutional financial approaches to paying for and life cycling key telecom equipment and services. The Network Management (netman) and Wireless Local Area Networking (wireless) CGs may also benefit from this data. The CIA CG steering committee and the financial working group will have full access to the data. The aggregate data will be publicly shared with the CIA CG and available for anyone to view.


    These questions assume you are knowledgeable or have access to obtain answers around the following areas below. Thus you may need to gather information from other areas of your institution for these question topics:


    Understanding of established annual budgets, and main source of funding; which services you have a charge back model or cost recovery funding model; equipment life cycle information, and any feedback (pro or con) for these models. 

    The survey is now available now until end of day Monday May 15, 2023 -  CIA - Unified Communications, Networking, and Telecom Billing Practices Survey - May 2023 and should take approximately 8 minutes to complete. 


    We will review all results at a future monthly virtual meetup.


    Thank you.


    --Mark Wehrle, CIA CG Team