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Latest Discussions

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    RE: Staff Sourcing Model

    Posted in: CIO

    Khalil – I am more focused on the service(s) than the technology. By this, I mean that the super-special way that each college/university processes, say, grades or payroll might one day yield to the need to a not-so-special service that dictates business ...

  • Posted in: HECVAT Users

    Yep, I confirmed this and I have a draft 3.04 started, but that's about as far as I've had time to get. That long VLOOKUP string should be bringing back the value from the Analyst report if it exists, but it's got a syntax error in it somewhere. ...

  • Profile Picture

    RE: Drive Trust rules

    Posted in: Google Workspace

    Hi, I have an internally written program that uses the API to rename accounts. Be aware that Google seems to be changing how renames work. Older programs that do renames can have problems. I know I have been having issues. Thanks, Mike ...

  • Hi Folks, We went through this last year as we moved both Confluence to the cloud. We claimed a few accounts within our IT staff as a beta test to better understand the user experience. With that information we publicized the change as best ...

  • Posted in: CIO

    Peter, Are you by any chance suggesting that "we" could build (or buy and configure) our "own" shared support environment (single multi-tenant instance with data/process segregation and open APIs data integration to other applications) for ...

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