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Posted By Eudora Struble 06-09-2022 01:51:30 PM
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Good afternoon everyone, The North Carolina Higher Ed Digital Accessibility Collaborative is holding its 2nd annual free conference on June 16th. This event is intended to educate and encourage more digital accessibility and is not just (or primarily) for accessibility experts. Although our main goal ...
Posted By Eudora Struble 05-04-2022 10:18:12 AM
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Hi all, In case you haven't had a chance to check it out, I wanted to share links to the recent "Advancing Digital Accessibility" Community Conversation between IT Access's own Kyle Shachmut and the President and CEO of EDUCAUSE, John O'Brien. Their conversation was about accessibility work in higher ...
Posted By Eudora Struble 01-21-2022 07:58:12 AM
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Hi everyone, I so appreciate the question and this thread! At Wake, our Technology Accessibility team has been working with our AV folks to enhance an AMX system as it functions on iPad-based AV room controls. We've made some great progress to make the system more effective and user-friendly, relying ...