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Posted By Rodolfo Nunez 02-28-2022 12:26:36 PM
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Interesting comments about Fortigate and PA. I feel our data (from 5 years ago) differs from what I see in the thread. We looked at Juniper, Palo Alto, CheckPoint, and Fortinet. Overall, it was hard to compare apples to apples since some of the firewalls process traffic in memory, others process it using ...
Posted By Rodolfo Nunez 11-10-2021 03:37:49 PM
Found In Egroup: Project Management
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Hi,PMI chapters have study groups (free for members, look at the NYC's one as an example). If you already did the brunt of the studying and want to get ready for the test: AMA has a PMP prep course that has a good review of the PMBOK and hints of what to expect in the test. Like any other class, the ...
Posted By Rodolfo Nunez 11-01-2021 12:54:44 PM
Found In Egroup: Google Workspace
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Hi,I might be repeating an earlier suggestion but when we sync a group using GAM to Google, we tend to script it in a way that accepts members from the source directory and add/exclude users that are in an exception file. That way we can allow for exceptions like extra users or excluding some users as ...