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Posted By John Farquhar 09-22-2022 02:41:08 PM
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Is anyone using Microsoft Intune to manage their Macs? We have a mixed environment of about 75% Windows to 25% MacOS. We currently use Intune/Config Manager on the Windows side and Jamf to manage Macs. Microsoft makes claims that Intune can be used to manage MacOS and there might be benefits to using ...
Posted By John Farquhar 01-31-2022 02:30:34 PM
Found In Egroup: Google Workspace
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Rick - We added Google Workspace as an additional service via Azure SSO back in 2016. The user experience certainly could have changed since then, but we documented what our users went through with this KB article: G Suite - Resolve Conflicting Google Accounts | ATUS | Western Washington University ...
Posted By John Farquhar 12-06-2021 12:02:08 PM
Found In Egroup: Google Workspace
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Hello Colleagues - It seems that a significant amount of discussion occurs in this group regarding the administration and release of new Google Workspace apps. Can I ask: What schools here employ governance or a formal process of approving which apps get released? If you provide varying levels ...