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Posted By Munroe Sollog 08-29-2022 02:28:16 PM
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We tested it for over a year, and migrated to Kea in January. It's has its issues, but it's better than dhcpd in most ways. Munroe Sollog (He/Him/His)Network
Posted By Munroe Sollog 08-05-2022 08:32:39 AM
Found In Egroup: Wireless Local Area Networking
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I'm starting to think about the process of migrating to WPA3-Enterprise. It seems one of the prerequisites in migrating to WPA3 is also migrating away from PEAP (or something similar) to EAP-TLS. I am curious if anyone has had success managing and distributing certificates to their client base without ...
Posted By Munroe Sollog 01-21-2022 11:54:26 AM
Found In Egroup: Network Management
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We have converted all of our old MRTG/RRD stuff to use the "TIG" stack (Telegraf, Influx, Grafana) a while ago. Now we are investigating using the Cisco_MDT plugin of telegraf to finally deprecate SNMP as our primary means of metrics collection: ...