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Posted By Sara Stubbs 01-18-2022 09:08:49 AM
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Hi Scott, Like Rich, the UO allowed an opt in period for students, and then forced enrollment last year. The students have been very self-sufficient and we did not see any kind of surge during the forced enrollment period. I will add that there is some additional support volume just in general (about ...
Posted By Sara Stubbs 10-20-2021 08:31:53 AM
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Hi Allan, Our TechDesk started using Microsoft Bookings during the pandemic to manage in-person appointments, and really appreciate how flexible it is for booking general appointments or specialized appointments like reserving a lab computer or a printing station. Thanks! Sara Sara M. Stubbs ...
Posted By Sara Stubbs 09-30-2021 09:25:49 AM
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Hi Katie, At the University of Oregon we have on-call rotation for an incident commander role, although that role has been added to regular responsibilities and is generally voluntary outside of our Technology Service Coordinator team. In addition to the TSD Coordinators we also have an accounts administrator ...