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Posted By Joe Gasper 05-24-2024 08:07:00 AM
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Microsoft's branding and name changes hasn't made this easy �� Bing Chat was renamed to "Microsoft Copilot" (personal) Bing Chat Enterprise became "Microsoft Copilot with Commercial Data Protection" (work/school) The A1/A3/A5 for faculty|student SKUs (i.e., Microsoft 365 A3 for faculty) include ...
Posted By Joe Gasper 05-23-2024 03:10:00 PM
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Licensing (always fun to tackle) Microsoft Copilot with Commercial Data Protection (CDP) is included in academic licenses: Office 365 A1/A3/A5 for students Office 365 A1/A3/A5 for faculty Microsoft 365 A3/A5 for students Microsoft 365 A3/A5 for faculty Microsoft 365 A3 or A5 Extra Features ...
Posted By Joe Gasper 09-27-2023 04:34:00 PM
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Hi, George. Provisioning: For an on-premises AD group that you have synced to Entra ID (Azure AD), you can use that group to one-time, populate a team's membership (add the group like you would a user account). For all direct members of that AD group, they would be added to the team (if not already ...
Posted By Joe Gasper 09-27-2023 10:01:00 AM
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Not a user of these features, just awareness. Microsoft Enterprise SSO for Apple Devices Is Now Available for Everyone - Microsoft Community Hub Coming Soon – Platform SSO for macOS - Microsoft Community Hub -- Joe Gasper UF/IFAS IT Systems Administrator ...
Posted By Joe Gasper 07-28-2022 07:22:00 AM
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And there are hundreds of detailed integration tutorials. For example, with Canvas: MFA is free using Security Defaults (and always available to global/tenant admin accounts). If you need to apply MFA to a set ...
Posted By Joe Gasper 04-14-2022 07:50:00 AM
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You may find these posts and that of the Decentralized Identity Foundation interesting in its potential to address this type of need. Microsoft Customer Story-University to enable students to securely manage their own transcripts with Verifiable Credentials Decentralized digital identities and ...