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Posted By Brian Holley 02-15-2024 09:30:00 AM
Found In Egroup: Cybersecurity and Privacy Governance, Risk, and Compliance
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We have recently seen a spike in vendors requiring an NDA. We have engaged with a couple of vendors to try to come to a consensus, but as we are also a public institution, we are bound by the laws of the state around access to any information we use to conduct a vendor risk review. In one case, ...
Posted By Brian Holley 09-20-2023 09:10:00 AM
Found In Egroup: NIST 800-171 Compliance
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Michael, I've looked at a few products in the past, although I was never able to purchase and implement one. I really liked CentralEyes. Thanks, Brian Brian Holley Director of Information Security 400 East University Way Ellensburg, WA 98926 615-601-2025 brian.holley@cwu.ed ...
Posted By Brian Holley 05-26-2023 09:22:00 AM
Found In Egroup: CIO
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At a previous institution, we worked directly with Amazon to sell an entire Class B. They were willing to pay a premium for the contiguous range, along with giving us a /23 for external routing. You may want to contact AWS to see what the landscape looks like today. Brian Brian Holley, MBA, CISSP ...
Posted By Brian Holley 09-14-2022 08:07:00 AM
Found In Egroup: Cybersecurity
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Sorry for continuing the process of Replying-All! However, if list members will have a signature block with their contact info in their reply, then folks have an easy way to contact the sender for private replies. I actually did that this morning in response to a post. Brian Holley, MBA, CISSP ...
Posted By Brian Holley 09-09-2022 09:44:00 AM
Found In Egroup: Cybersecurity
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Well, at least this generated some email on the list and got some of us lurkers to post! Maybe the most interest we've seen in a while? We're interested too! Thanks Neal! �� Brian Brian Holley, MBA, CISSP Senior Security Analyst Technology Services Samford University 205-726-4903 ...
Scott, Thanks for the heads up! See you in August! Brian Brian Holley, MBA, CISSP Senior Security Analyst Technology Services 205-726-4903 | office 800 Lakeshore Drive Birmingham, AL 35229
Posted By Brian Holley 04-01-2022 06:30:00 AM
Found In Egroup: HECVAT Users
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At my last institution, I handled the vendor management program. Since I was communicating to vendors for projects across the campus, I worked with them to complete the HECVAT for us. It made sense for me to also handle getting the VPAT from them as well. I passed the VPAT along to the accessibility ...
Posted By Brian Holley 02-25-2022 08:29:00 AM
Found In Egroup: IT Support Services
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Lucas, We're in the process of evaluating removing local admin rights and determining the best course of action to support our users while implementing a higher level of security. We are looking for a solution that provides more control than allowing users to escalate their admin rights at will. To ...