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Posted By Debbie Beaudry 03-16-2023 02:26:32 PM
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Thank you everyone for your responses! The resources and information are really helpful. That's a good point that the number of flagged items would be reduced quite a bit if the library system was used more for articles and book chapters rather than direct uploads to Canvas. That will probably be our ...
Posted By Debbie Beaudry 03-10-2023 08:01:00 AM
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Good morning everyone, We recently turned on Ally in Canvas and one of our biggest issues is inaccessible PDFs due to a document being scanned and not OCRed, the document being untagged, contrast issues, etc. Our goal is for faculty members to remediate their own PDFs by teaching them how to do this ...
Posted By Debbie Beaudry 02-10-2023 08:00:59 AM
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Hi Heather, If you scroll down to the Podcasting for Scholars section, we have some resources about creating podcasts on our Digital Futures Institution Media Creation Resources page. I think the three short videos are very interesting. Hope you find it helpful! Best,Debbie -- Debbie Beaudry Director ...