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Posted By Curtis Kratt 02-02-2024 05:49:04 AM
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We're seeing this issue with docx file extension too. Per our testing, xlsx files are working as intended. We're recommending students download the file from OneDrive then upload via the main File Upload tab while we work on a solution. Curtis Kratt Senior Director, Service Management Part-time Faculty, ...
Posted By Curtis Kratt 12-14-2023 06:49:56 AM
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To add to Thomas' list from the customer support side: Make sure your help desk is intimately familiar with the app setup on both Android and iOS, MFA support is one of our largest requests. If you're going to permit phone calls/SMS as factors, make sure the help desk knows how/has the permission ...
Posted By Curtis Kratt 11-16-2023 05:58:36 AM
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Good morning, Pete, any chance this meetup was recorded? ------------------------------ Curtis Kratt Senior Director, Service Management and Communications Wayne State University ------------------------------
Posted By Curtis Kratt 10-26-2023 01:20:16 PM
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Despite Wayne State being a Microsoft Teams campus, we've stuck to phone, email, and walk-ins as our intake methods at the service center. We are, however, evaluating Microsoft Teams or an integration to replace our current ACD platform as our campus transitions to Teams as our primary calling platform. ...
Posted By Curtis Kratt 09-28-2023 06:18:28 AM
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Would love to be invited as well! Thank you, Curtis Kratt Senior Director, Service Management Wayne State University Computing & Information Technology 313-577-2753
Posted By Curtis Kratt 09-29-2021 06:19:00 AM
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Thought I'd jump into share our definition of change and how we'd handle this scenario - A managed change is any action associated with a C&IT configuration item (e.g., application, service, or server) that meets the following criteria: There is a conceivable risk of the change causing any ...