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Posted By Steve Munson 11-16-2022 12:06:00 PM
Found In Egroup: Microsoft Tools in Education
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I would like to connect with an institution that is mature in its use of Microsoft eDiscovery and learn about best practices for legal hold processes and data retention, etc. Please let me know if your school currently uses these tools with your O365 email services and willing to connect and compare ...
Posted By Steve Munson 06-10-2022 11:12:11 AM
Found In Egroup: CIO
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All, American University is working to enhance our technology policies and, specifically, would like to further detail expectations for account lifecycles (e.g., use of student email after graduation, alumni accounts, and the associated data storage and retention implications). Our current policy ...
Posted By Steve Munson 10-15-2021 12:32:36 PM
Found In Egroup: IT Communications
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Happy Friday, I am doing some research on potential platforms that can be leveraged to improve internal communication institution wide. I know that this group is focuses on communication of IT subject matter, but wanted to ask if there are some platforms in use that help to facilitate internal communications ...
Posted By Steve Munson 10-12-2021 01:49:10 PM
Found In Egroup: CIO
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All, American University is performing initial analysis on the strategy and effort to migrate to a new web content management platform. If you have recently completed a migration to a new platform, or have a migration in progress, I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about your institution's ...